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Find Your Path

In the Find Your Path program, teens and young adults figure out what's next for them. 

For your teen, this means...

Feeling completely in charge of their future


because they've created a plan that is aligned with their values and interests


and they have the motivation to do what's necessary to create the results they're after.

If this is what you want for your teen, you're in the right place.

So many teens feel lost...

All of the time spent preparing for graduation and life after high school has left many teens wondering, "what's next for me?"  For some, the easy answer is to go to college.  But all too often, once they get there, they have no idea what to study or they wind up spending 4 years learning about something they'll never use.  Or maybe the plan is to get a job, which can lead to stagnancy and a lack of fulfillment without intentional direction.

But there's a better way...

When teens are given the chance to visualize their ideal outcome and create a roadmap to get them there, the future doesn't feel uncertain.  Knowing what you REALLY want for yourself is a powerful motivator.  With that motivation comes resolve, confidence, and excitement that flows into every area of life.  It's not just a plan, it's peace of mind.  It's reassurance.  It's power.

The Find Your Path Process



Find inspiration and motivation by exploring your unique strengths, weaknesses, and values.



Visualize your ideal outcome and access the future version of yourself that has it all figured out.



Discover how your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors impact your perception of yourself and the world.



Use what you've learned about yourself to determine what's next.



Develop a customized stress and anxiety management system that works for you.



Make intentional decisions and set big goals with certainty and confidence.


Six 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls for your teenager

Calls are held weekly on Zoom and are tailored to meet the unique needs of your teenager

Unlimited coaching between calls

Life happens... and when it does, your teenager will have unlimited access to instant coaching support from Jennifer through Voxer.

Parent Email Support

Ask your parenting questions and receive updates and parenting tips from Jennifer 

Price: $997

Interested in learning more?

Schedule a complimentary consultation


On our call, we will discuss your teenager and their specific needs to see if the Find Your Path program is right for them.

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