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Does your middle schooler struggle with...

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  • Confidence

  • Peer Relationships

  • Academic Pressure

  • Self Doubt

  • Social Anxiety

  • Body Image

  • Independence and Responsibility

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Technology and Social Media Overuse

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Family Relationships

  • Time Management

Coaching will help them...


Build confidence, overcome self-doubt, and foster a positive self-image. It will also address social anxiety, body image concerns, and promote emotional regulation for overall well-being.


Navigate peer relationships, family dynamics, and conflicts through effective communication and conflict resolution skills. It will also foster independence and responsibility in their interactions.


Manage academic pressure, by developing time management strategies, and addressing technology and social media overuse, empowering them with the skills needed for academic success and a balanced lifestyle.

What you get with Jennifer...


Jennifer is a certified professional coach with a master’s degree in education and a background in psychology & mindfulness instruction.  She has over 20 years of combined experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring on life purpose, confidence, and motivation.


Whether your middle schooler is struggling with confidence, motivation, time management, self-doubt, or anxiety, they need customized support to meet their specific needs. Jennifer will help them remove behaviors, beliefs, and habits that are standing in the way of their success.


Parental involvement is an essential part of the coaching process.  That's why Jennifer has an open-door policy.  You can expect regular check-ins, evaluations, and parenting tips to help you support your teen along the way.  You don't have to figure this out alone.  

Middle School Coaching Program


4 1:1 coaching calls for your middle schooler

Calls are designed to meet the unique needs of your tween or teen

Unlimited Parent Email Support

Ask your parenting questions and receive updates and parenting tips from Jennifer 

Exclusive Access to "How to Talk so Your Teen Will Listen"

Video workshop hosted by Jennifer delivered to your inbox.

See What Parents Have to Say...

"Jen is a brilliant and compassionate coach who has a natural ability to help teens sort through life’s challenges and live to their greatest potential. My 14-year-old daughter adores Jen and gained valuable tools to navigate common teen challenges such as study habits, friendships, and transitioning to more independence. Working with Jen has been the best gift I could have given my daughter to kick-start her teen years!"

~ Amy - Mom of an 8th Grade Client

"We are thrilled with the results we have created in such a short time.  Grayson is showing up with more confidence, and openness - sharing with us how she is thinking and feeling.  And I’m more calm and confident as a parent. If you're thinking of hiring Jen... do it!" 

~ Rachael - Mom of 6th Grade Client

"Jennifer was such a great support for my daughter!  She is very kind, and patient, and wants to help our teens.  My daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and it has affected her daily life.  Jennifer gave her many tools to use when she starts to feel anxious.  Her guidance and recommendations have been very helpful.  I highly recommend Jennifer!"

~ Sabrina - Mom of 8th Grade Client

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Ready to see if coaching is the right next step for your middle schooler?  Schedule a free consultation.

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