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Adolescence is a time of great change and uncertainty. Teens and young adults are faced with new challenges, both academically and socially. It's no wonder that many of them struggle with confidence, self-esteem, and motivation.

If you're a school, group, or organization looking for someone to come and speak about these important topics, I'm here to help. I'm a certified life coach with over 20 years of combined experience teaching, mentoring, and coaching. I've helped hundreds of teens overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Presentation & Workshop Topics Include:

  • Tame your anxiety and take control of your life

  • Project confidence and achieve your goals

  • Communicate your needs without feeling guilty or pushy

  • Believe in your abilities and worth

  • Attract and keep the right people in your life

  • Trust your gut and follow your heart

  • Live your life on purpose and make a difference

  • Protect your time and energy

  • Become more persuasive and influential

My Approach:

My approach is holistic. I believe that confidence is not just about feeling good about yourself. It's also about having the skills and knowledge to succeed in life.  I work with teens and young adults to develop their self-awareness, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills. I also help them to develop a positive mindset and a growth mindset.

My speaking engagements and workshops are interactive and engaging. I use activities, stories, and humor to help teens and young adults learn and connect with the material.  I also offer a Q&A session at the end of my presentation or workshop so that teens can ask any questions they have.

Schedule a call to learn more.

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