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Does your young adult struggle with...

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  • Confidence

  • Independence

  • Transitioning to College

  • Choosing an educational and/or career path

  • Planning for the future

  • Social and Romantic relationships

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Overwhelm

  • Decision Making

  • Time Management

  • Transitioning into Adult Life

Coaching will help them...


Develop skills for independent living by addressing challenges related to decision-making, problem-solving, and self-reliance. 


Explore their interests, values, and strengths to make intentional decisions about their future.


Learn how to manage stress and anxiety by identifying triggers, and developing healthy coping mechanisms.


Navigate the complexities of social connections, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


Gracefully transition to college by  learning how to balance the academic and social aspects of college life.


Have the confidence to get in the driver's seat and finally take charge of their life.

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What you get with Jennifer...


Jennifer is a certified professional coach with a master’s degree in education and a background in psychology & mindfulness instruction.  She has over 20 years of combined experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring on life purpose, confidence, and motivation.


Whether your young adult is struggling with confidence, motivation, time management, self-doubt, or anxiety, they need customized support to meet their specific needs. Jennifer will help them remove behaviors, beliefs, and habits that are standing in the way of their success.


Parental involvement is an essential part of the coaching process.  That's why Jennifer has an open-door policy.  You can expect regular check-ins, evaluations, and parenting tips to help you support your young adult along the way.  You don't have to figure this out alone.  

Young Adult Coaching Program


12 1:1 coaching calls for your young adult

Calls are designed to meet the unique needs of your young adult

Unlimited Parent Email Support

Ask your parenting questions and receive updates and parenting tips from Jennifer 

Exclusive Access to "How to Talk so Your Teen Will Listen"

Video workshop hosted by Jennifer delivered to your inbox.

Ready to see if coaching is the right next step for your young adult?  Schedule a free consultation.
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